Adding ISR to Product Page

Let's use Incremental Static Regeneration for the product page in our storefront. In order to enable ISR, we need to make two adjustments in the product page located at pages/product/[id].tsx:

  1. define a per-page revalidation time
  2. define paths for pages to generate ahead-of-time

Per-page Revalidation

Open pages/product/[id].tsx and add the revalidate field to the return statement of getStaticProps as shown below:

export const getStaticProps: GetStaticProps = async ({ params }) => {
  return {
    props: {
      id: params?.id,
revalidate: 15,
}; };

In this example, we define the revalidation time to be 15 seconds. This means that whenever a page changes, for example in response to a remote call, Next.js will trigger a regeneration of that page in background after 15 seconds. Once the page has been successfully generated, Next.js will invalidate the cache and show the updated product page. At the same time, if the background regeneration fails, the old page will be kept unchanged.

Pages to generate at build-time

Our Saloer API provides a total of 12 products. Let's generate 4 product pages ahead-of-time, at build-time and the rest 8 product pages will be generated on-demand whenever there is an incoming request for one of these 8 product pages.

We are still in pages/product/[id].tsx and we need to change the getStaticPath function as shown below:

export async function getStaticPaths() {
  const { data } = await apolloClient.query<ProductCollectionQuery>({
    query: ProductCollectionDocument,
    variables: {
first: 4,
} }); const paths = data.products?{ node: { id } }) => ({ params: { id }, })); return { paths,
fallback: 'blocking',
}; }

The fallback: 'blocking' parameter specifies that whenever we receive a request for a page that hasn't been generated yet, Next.js will render that page on-demand as the request arrives. Future requests to this specific page will serve the pre-generated page from the cache.

ISR doesn't change anything in the way our storefront is presented to the user, but now we have a control over which pages are generated at build-time and how long it takes to revalidate a product page when it changes.

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