Basic filtering

When fetching products using the products query, we can also filter them using various criteria provided via the filter argument.

The most basic form of filtering can be done using the search field. It takes a string value as input that is matched against the product title and description. In the following example, we want to find all the t-shirts available in our store.

# graphql/queries/ProductSearchTShirt.graphql
query ProductSearchTShirt {
    first: 12
    channel: "default-channel"
    filter: { search: "t-shirt" }
  ) {
    edges {
      node {
        thumbnail {
        category {

Let's put this query as ProductSearchTShirt.graphql in the graphql/queries directory.

If the code generation is running in the watch mode, the corresponding React.js hook will be created automatically. Otherwise, run the generate script:

npm run generate


pnpm generate

In components/ProductCollection.tsx, we can replace the useProductGetTwelveElementsQuery with the newly generated useProductSearchTShirtQuery as the shape of the elements in the product collection doesn't change.

// components/ProductCollection.tsx
import React from 'react';

import { Product, useProductSearchTShirtQuery } from '@/saleor/api';
import { ProductElement } from '@/components'; const styles = { grid: 'grid gap-4 grid-cols-4', } export const ProductCollection = () => {
const { loading, error, data } = useProductSearchTShirtQuery();
if (loading) return <p>Loading...</p>; if (error) return <p>Error</p>; if (data) { const products = data.products?.edges || []; return ( <ul role="list" className={styles.grid}> {products?.length > 0 && ({ node }) => <ProductElement key={} {...node as Product} />, )} </ul> ); } return null; }
The results of product search.
The results of product search.

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