Filtering with variables

Often the filtering criteria come from the users. We cannot put these criteria as-is into the GraphQL query. We must dynamically set them using the query variables.

  1. Go to the graphql/queries folder and create a ProductFilterByName.graphql file. Copy/paste the query below:
# graphql/queries/ProductFilterByName.graphql
query ProductFilterByName($filter: ProductFilterInput!) {
products(first: 12, channel: "default-channel", filter: $filter) { edges { node { id name thumbnail { url } category { name } } } } }

In the example above, we are setting the filter argument using the $filter variable with a precisely defined type of ProductFilterInput. The exclamation mark signifies that the query variable definition is required.

  1. In the Terminal, run:
npm run generate


pnpm run generate

It will generate the useProductFilterByNameQuery React Hook.

Such defined GraphQL query accepts its input via the variables field. This transformation is done automatically by the Apollo library along with the code generation and is available as input in its React Hook.

  1. In components/ProductCollection.tsx, replace the useProductFetchTwelveElementsQuery with the newly generated useProductFilterByNameQuery as the shape of the elements in the product collection doesn't change.
// components/ProductCollection.tsx
import React from 'react';

import { Product, useProductFilterByNameQuery } from '@/saleor/api';
import { ProductElement } from '@/components'; const styles = { grid: 'grid gap-4 grid-cols-4', } export const ProductCollection = () => {
const { loading, error, data } = useProductFilterByNameQuery({
variables: {
filter: { search: 'juice' }
if (loading) return <p>Loading...</p>; if (error) return <p>Error</p>; if (data) { const products = data.products?.edges || []; return ( <ul role="list" className={styles.grid}> {products?.length > 0 && ({ node }) => <ProductElement key={} {...node as Product} />, )} </ul> ); } return null; }

Thanks to GraphQL variables we can parametrize our queries directly from the React components.

Here's the result for filtering with search set to juice:

Search filter in action.
Search filter in action.

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